Light at night


Light tells our body, when to rest and when to be active. With modern lighting, this rhythm is getting disturbed in the evening, which decreases the quality of our sleep and recovery at night and thus our performance the next day.

Light filtering eyewear


We created the best and most holistic solution to that problem by offering high end light filtering night glasses, that block out all harmful, irritating light, while passing through the remaining light in a natural and accurate way.

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Improve your performance


Optimize your bodies recovery at night by balancing your hormones thanks to our light filter technology and maximize ultimately your performance during the next day, right when it matters most.

Before bedtime

When to use

Wear the glasses 2-3h before you going to bed and take them off, after you put all lights out and you´re ready to sleep. With that, you protect your body from the irritating effect, artificial light has on our circadian rhythm after sunset.

Jetlag & Shift work

Further cases

When you travel to a different time zone, put on the glasses 2-3 hours before your new bedtime and adjust your body way faster. Same for shift workers: Put them on & adjust your inner clock effectively!

Market leading experts


We designed market leading, high-performance light filtering lenses, handcrafted stylish & comfy Italian-frames and went the extra mile, when it comes down to a sustainable and fair manufacturing process. That´s our impact recipe and we´re just getting started.

Professional ice hockey player -German champion

Dennis Endras

"My whole team is stunned with the performance of the night-glasses. They actually work and we use them every evening! Especially when we are still on the road with our club bus after a match, we can already optimally prepare our body for sleep and regeneration. Game changer!"


Stephanie Hahnel

"As a rehab expert, I can tell, that the night glasses are truly impressive. I recommend them to all my clients, who want to recover faster and in a more effective way. They honestly should get implemented in all professional sports environments as a basic performance & recovery tool."

Sleep coach & co-founder of a sleep- & regeneration-institute

Bjoern Steinbrink

"In my daily profession as a sleep coach, I work together with clients from all kinds of industries and for me, using light filtering eyewear before going to bed is as important to me as brushing my teeth’s. It plays a significant part in all our trainings and I am glad to be able to present my clients such a brilliant solution like WIZION created."

Sales Expert & -developer

Tom Jehle

"As a sales consultant and business coach, my workdays are sometimes very exhausting and I come home pretty tired. To then be able to relax directly and regenerate properly at night, I use the night glasses from WIZION. I then feel noticeably more rested and refreshed every time the next morning. Honestly, I can highly recommend this product to all high-performers who want to consistently call up the highest performance in their everyday life."


"We are facinated with human potential and driven by innovation. Our goal is to not only contribute, but help rewrite the standards of performance optimization. Because it is the drive of our customers that fuels us to do better every single day, to push boundaries and create an impact, that lasts for centuries."