Timo Fenkart - CEO & Head of product

Timo Fenkart

Timo is firmly convinced that our bodies are not made for the modern age, but if we support them with the right tools and methods, we can become fit for the digital future.

In 2016, after accidentally stumbling upon an article about how our circadian rhythm is suffering nowadays, he became increasingly aware of the fact, that on one hand, artificial light negatively impacts our body profoundly and on the other hand, this issue is either vaguely addressed, or not addressed at all.

Tons of researches and exchanges with leading health experts later, he decided to approach the problem himself and founded the company "WIZION - Performing Eyewear" in 2018.

Since then, Timo has been developing premium light filtering eyewear with determination, a clear vision and a large dose of passion, together with close production partners from Europe, to achieve the best possible quality and performance while also constantly pushing topics like sustainability and fairness. 

His vision is to bring new innovative performance products to live, which enrolls us humans to build and create the best work we can. Or to put it in even more determined words: He wants to build a company, who becomes the NIKE in the performance glasses industry.

Should he ever not sit at his own desk planning the future, he can be found either in his beloved reading chair at home, in kickboxing training, with friends in a bar or in the cinema next door. His favourite movie is "Rush", his favourite book is "Can't hurt me - David Goggins" and his favourite quote is "Results are a consequence of intentions".

Toni Fücker - COO & Head of sales

Toni is a business-allrounder and has finally joined the WIZION team in Mid 2021, after working closely together with the founder Timo for quite some while in the background.

With his broad business skillset, especially in sales and operations, his purpose on WIZION is to further improve numbers, operations, client relationships and therefore our positive impact in the world.

He strongly believes, that the german speaking area is full of exeptional talented individuals and that it is our responsibility to gather them and build great communities, that will shape the future and last for centuries.


Manufacturing Partners - High Quality from Italy

Since the beginning of 2021, we have now established a close cooperation with several manufactures from Italy and Germany, so that we can challenge the status quo and bring to life new standards in the performing eyewear industry.

The relatively short, local connection allows us to continuously work together in a closer, more authentic way, where we can challenge & encourage each other.

During the entire creation process of our products, we pay special attention to a sustainable as well as fair production process. This results in equal working conditions, energy efficient processes as well as excellent quality products.

If you have any further questions or want to know more details, please do not hesitate to contact us at support@wizion.com - we at WIZION stand for maximum transparency.